Q. Do you guarantee your service?


We guarantee that we will deliver your balloon order as specified to the destination you choose within the time frame you specify and paid for as long as its within our service area.

Q. How long do your balloons last?


My Custom Balloons does not use cheap brand balloons, we use the best quality brand balloons such as Qualatex, Kaleidoscope and Betallic to create your balloon bouquets and custom balloon decorations so that we make sure your balloons look beautiful for as long as possible. You can expect foil balloons to float for up to 1 week. Our latex balloons will last longer than the balloon you buy from the grocery or party stores. We can also treat standard size balloons with Hi-Float to keep them afloat longer. The Hi-Float liquid solution is designed to seal the pours of the latex balloon and keep latex balloons afloat five times longer than untreated balloons. Our balloon decor will last for the length of your celebration and in most situations much longer.

Q. what are some recommendations on ordering custom balloon decorations?


We recommend ordering custom balloon decorations at least five business days in advance, this will give us enough time to ensure that we have the balloons without having to charge you any rush fees. Delivery and set-up charges will vary based on the nature of the job, but we will be happy to quote you an estimate at any time.

Q. Can you deliver balloon bouquets anywhere?


  1. We can deliver to most places within Washington DC, Northern Virginia but some locations do have restrictions or prohibit balloons. It is your responsibility to check if a delivery can be made. Please check first to ensure that we can deliver your balloons. My Custom Balloons is not responsible for a recipient’s inability to receive deliveries and will charge the full delivery fee and balloons for such unexpected deliveries. However, for a small additional fee we will delivery to another location. Below is a list of a few places that you will need to contact to see if they will allow balloons.

  • Hospitals typically prefer foil balloon bouquets instead of latex balloon bouquets. Some hospitals only permit foil balloons.

  • Most children’s pediatric hospitals only allow foil balloons.

  • Delivery to public schools may not allowed balloons although some private schools accept balloon deliveries.

  • Prisons cannot accept balloon bouquet deliveries.

  • Federal buildings may not be able to accept deliveries.

Q. How does a delivery work for balloon bouquets and decorations


We deliver throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC and parts of Maryland within the beltway region. When you place a bouquet delivery order by 10:00 am, we can often provide same-day delivery on all our balloon bouquets. Our cheapest delivery rate for delivering bouquets is between 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. any time after 2:00 p.m. will have it’s own rate depending of the destination. Due to rush hour traffic either early morning or after hours, delivery rate charges are much higher.

What is the cost of a balloon delivery fee?


Balloon delivery fees depend on the delivery location, time of day, and if there are any additional services that you may need such us setup, tear down etc…. Our current rates are for balloon drop off’s only. For the posted delivery rates we will transport up to 80 standard 11in latex balloons, bulk balloon orders will acquire a higher delivery rate.

What cities and states does My Custom Balloons deliver to?

My Custom Balloons delivers balloons throughout Northern Virginia, All of Washington DC, and most parts of Maryland that are 5 miles within I95/I495 beltway.

How long do helium filled latex balloons last indoors?

 We use Qualatex brand balloons, they are considered the best quality balloons in the market.
11 inch latex balloons will float for 18 to 20 plus hours indoors.
24 inch round latex balloons filled with helium will float for 2 days however they will look  best for 24 hours in doors.
Party stores use economical brands their balloons last 10-12 hours

If I fill a mini foil Balloon with Helium (4-inch, 9-inch or 14-inch) will it float?


Nope. Foil balloons smaller than an 17-inch will not float with helium. They are intended for air-inflation only and are generally sold attached to a cups and sticks. perfect for complementing balloon centerpiece or balloon bouquet bases.

How much helium is needed to fill an 11″ latex balloon?


An 11″ latex balloon takes .5 cubic feet of helium. A standard helium tank holds 291 cubic feet of helium and fills between 450 and 500 11″ Latex balloons. Please call My Custom Balloons for more information on other balloon sizes and styles of balloons 571-290-1259

How many 18″ foil balloons will a standard helium tank fill?


A standard helium tank holds 291 cubic feet of helium and fills between 450 and 500 18″ foil balloons.

How long do balloons last outdoors?


Balloons that are used outdoors are not guaranteed to last a certain time frame as the heat, wind, rain etc… affects the duration of the balloons this includes custom balloon decorations such as balloon columns and arches.

How much does helium cost to fill my balloons?


This is a service that we provide for the balloons that we sell for our local services within Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C only. The inflation of helium rate is based on the size of a balloon.  Please call My Custom Balloon for More information 571-290-1259

Can I imprint my own text or image on a balloon?


No. We don’t provide that service our company name is because of our custom balloon decorations, but yes you can print onto balloons.

Can I pick up balloons from you?


No, My Custom Balloons only offers a balloon delivery service.

Do you accept cash?


Yes we do and only for our local services. See facts and questions in local services for more information.

What methods of payment do you accept?


Credit Cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Please have the credit card number, expiration date, security code, the name on the card, billing address and zip code ready when you call to place an order for local balloon delivery service within Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

I just placed my order 5 minutes ago, can I add to it?


As long as you call before 1 pm and the order has not been shipped we should be able to adjust your order. However it may delay your order till next business day.


Can I place an order on the web without an account?


Yes. Simply visit  start shopping and checkout as a guest.

Did you receive my order?


A confirmation email is sent when an order is entered into our system for all customers with valid email addresses. If you haven’t received a confirmation email, you can call us at 571-290-1259 or email: and provide us with your information. However give us a couple of hours to call you and confirm the details of the balloon order request as each event detials are unique.