Duration of Helium Filled Latex Balloons

My Custom Balloons offers you a great selection of Helium fill quality latex and foil balloons in all sizes styles and shapes. For your convenience we strive to inform you of what to expect out of a balloon once it has been filled with helium. In addition to the chart below please know that other factors contribute to the duration of how long a balloon will last such as humidity, size, shape of  balloon, brand quality and especially climent as it affects the helium filled foil balloons. During cold weather conditions foil balloons tend to deflate and once its taken back into room temperature the balloon will expand again to fullness.


Float Time of Balloons

9 Inch economy latex balloons last 6-8 hours

9 Inch Qualatex Brand latex balloon last 12-16 hours

12 Inch economy latex balloons last 10-12 hours

12 Inch Qualatex Brand balloons last 18-24 hours

Economy Latex balloons with Ultra Hi-float will last 3 plus days

Qualatex Brand latex Balloons with Ultra Hi-Float Will last up 2 plus Weeks

Helium-filled foil balloons will float 3-5 days

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