Places We Deliver Balloons To Within Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland

Who Receives the Balloons?

Prior to our arrival please inform anyone and everyone that needs to know about the balloon bouquets and see what is there policy and procedures on handling balloon deliveries. If possible My Custom Balloons will leave the balloons with the person intended to receive the balloons. If that person is not available we will leave the balloons with the corresponding building staff that can hold and storage the balloons up your request, and at that point the balloon will be consider, that they have been delivered. This will apply to all balloon deliveries.


When placing a balloon bouquet delivery to a hospital please provide us with the recipient’s full name and room number. Additional $5. Parking fee will apply to most hospital deliveries.

Most hospitals allow only foil balloons, please call ahead and ask, if the recipient can receive balloons and if they are still hospitalized. My Custom Balloons does not delivery the balloon directly to the patient according to hospital rules and regulations we will contact the hospital the day of delivery to confirm that the recipient is still in their care. Once we arrive we will leave the balloons at the main front desk or information center. once the balloons have been given to the hospital staff, the delivery will be considered fulfilled. We’re not liable if the hospital staff bursts or damage the balloons, and or if the patient is no longer hospitalized within that facility and or transferred to another location.


When placing a balloon bouquet delivery to a school please provide us with the school name, address, recipient’s full name and grade so that we can make sure that the school staff knows who the balloons are for.

Most schools allow only foil balloons, please call ahead and make arrangements with the school staff, all balloon delivery will be left at the school office. Under no circumstances we will make contact and give the balloons to a student recipient within school property.  My Custom Balloons is not liable if the school staff burst or damage the balloons or bouquet and or if they forget to give the balloons to the recipient. Once the balloons are been given to the school staff the balloon delivery will be considered full filled.