3ft Balloon topper Roman Column Arch Combo

$219.99 Each

Delivery & Setup Is Available Only Within Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia For An Additional Fee.





Balloon columns are 5 feet tall, once a 3 foot balloon is placed on top the height will of the columns will be 8 ft tall. The balloon arch contains 12 latex balloons inflated with helium. The Length of the arch can be adjusted too by space the balloons closer of father apart, usually the idea is to place a 6 foot table in the center.

The design stays the same however we can change the colors of the balloons, select up to 4 balloon colors of your choice. We can make it taller and longer for an additional fee, good for outdoor events but best for indoor.

Pricing is for, as is displayed on picture.

Pricing excludes additional balloons, printed latex balloons, led lights, specialty balloons, disposable base stand mold, delivery and setup fee.

Balloon delivery is available to Arlington VA, Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland.