Balloon Columns and Delivery

Balloon Column Deliveries to Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland  is available for an additional fee based on the size and quantity of the balloon columns.

Balloon Columns

Affordable Balloon columns and pillars made by My Custom Balloons create a big visual impact that are customized especially for your event in various styles sizes and shapes. Made with air to keep the cost down but can also be made with Helium so that they float. You can pick up to 5 balloon colors, but to keep the cost down you can pick up to 4 colors. Common heights are 5 feet tall but can be made taller upon your request.


Pricing Depends on the style and height of the balloon columns most of them are priced according to design without any additional add-ons such as toppers, led lights, glitter, confetti, balloons inside another and other decorative balloons. For a small addition fee My Custom Balloons will deliver and set up the balloon columns.

Accessorizing, Add-Ons 

Balloon columns can be complemented with additional decorations and most commonly with a topper balloon. Meaning we can place a balloon of your choice on top of the column. Once you add an 18 inch foil balloon as a topper to a 5 foot balloon column the total height is now 6.5 feet tall. With a larger (30-36Inch) balloon the columns obtain the size of the balloon making it 7.5-8 feet tall. Balloon columns are made using a weighted base and mold to provide stability. Best for indoor events and will last up to two or three days. Great for outdoor events too.

Outdoor Balloon Columns acknowledgments

Latex balloon in an outdoors environment can be risky due to exposure of sunlight, which is the biggest risk factor especially with the use of dark colors such as black, purple and navy to mention a few. Other factors are strong wind, and abrasive particles that can pop the balloons. It’s most likely that some balloon will pop during the event. Under the best conditions, a balloon column used outdoors will look good for one day.

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