Since balloons are filled with helium and all balloon orders and bouquets are customized upon your request, prep work has been done to fulfill your order. Below is our return policies. Call us to cancel an order at 571-290-1259

  • For a full refund My Custom Balloons needs a 24 hour cancellation notice prior to the requested delivery date and time.

  • Canceling an order the day of delivery will acquire a $25-100% order value. Depending on how many balloons have been filled. Excluding the delivery rate.

  • We cannot refund an order once the balloons have been filled.

  • If balloons have not been filled, a $25.00 restocking fee will apply.

  • Rescheduling? NO problem Call us 12 hours before the scheduled date and time.

  • No refund on any of the 30 inch or 36 inch latex balloons, or any special ordered balloons.